The Blind Side

From Zachary, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Lewis, Michael
The Blind Side 
The book The Blind Side by Michael Lewis is a very good book. I recommend this book for kids nine and older. It is about a kid who is way overweight and homeless. Michael Oher has many problems
finding shelter, food, and much more.

Michael is one of thirteen kids. He does not know his father. His mother is addicted to crack and cannot care for him. Michael doesn’t have a home and finds shelter at some of his friends’ houses. One of his friends tried to get him into a Catholic school for the rich. The school did not want him but they accepted him because he was athletically gifted. Then a rich family took him in and his whole life changed. Michael played football throughout his high school and college years but still faced many problems.

The book The Blind Side is very interesting and has many twists and turns.
The book is also based on a real story. I would definitely recommend this
book to kids that are nine and up.

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