Briar Rose

From Rosalia Millan
author: Yolen, Jane
Briar Rose
Becca is Gemma’s youngest granddaughter and on Gemma’s death bead she makes Becca promise to find Briar Rose’s castle because it is all she has to leave her.  While Becca and her three sisters were growing up Gemma had always told them the story of Briar Rose and even went so far as to claim to be Briar Rose herself.  This book interweaves Gemma’s retelling of the Briar Rose tale with Becca’s search for the past in an interesting way.  Readers get to experience both Becca’s childhood through the retelling, her adulthood search into Gemma’s past and eventually follow Becca to Poland where she learns Gemma’s history which is beautifully adapted into a dark modern Sleeping Beauty tale, much closer to the Brothers Grimm’s dark original then the modern sanitized version that people usually remember.

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