Alex Rider: Crocodile Tears

From Matthew, Teen Book Reviewer
author: Horowitz, Anthony
Alex Rider: Crocodile Tears
For the first time in Alex Rider?s 14 years of life, he wants to be normal.  For the last year, he has been a secret agent, and thwarting the plans of
evil masterminds for M-16, the secret organization that he has been working for.  However, Alex knows very little that his life will be in great danger. 
The story starts off when Alex and his friends go to a party in a Scottish Castle.  A man there seems a bit suspicious, but Alex, at first, doesn?t seem worried.  On the way home after the party, they are mysteriously shot at and their car crashes into a freezing lake.  Alex barely makes it out alive along with his friends.  They are taken to a hospital by a stranger. Alex tries to forget what happened, but new problems erupt.   There is a greedy journalist who finds out about his identity, and wants to write about it in order to get rich.  Alex is nervous, and forces himself to go to M-16 for help. They agree to help him if he does a “little mission” for them.   They want him to get data from a computer at a place called Greenfields.
Since he is going on a trip there anyway, he gets in easily.  However the “little mission” turns out to be extremely dangerous.  Will Alex Rider survive his mission? Who will end up being behind this evil plot?              
All I can say is that Alex’s adventure is impressive.  There is, of course, lots of action.  The story also gets to be very adventurous in the later chapters.  Kids 10 and under wouldn’t enjoy this book.  First of all, it may be too hard of a book for them to read, but also, some of Alex’s dangerous situations might scare some of the younger readers.  Overall, this book is an outstanding action-packed adventure for kids over 10 years of age.

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

From Michele Lauer-Bader
author: Wroblewski, David
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
Edgar Sawtelle grows up in a family whose life is centered around  raising and training dogs. Edgar is born mute (this was never explained) and learns to sign to communicate with his parents and with  the dogs. While the book is long and moves very slowly I was totally  involved in the story and in Edgar’s life. I especially loved learning  about the dog training. All seems idyllic until Claude, Edgar’s uncle,  returns to the family and everything starts to fall apart. This is a  great book for discussion. The fact that it is modeled after Hamlet  adds another dimension to the discussion. A must read.

The Sugar Queen

From Rosalia Millan
author: Allen, Sarah  Addison
The Sugar Queen
Josey is a woman living with her mother in a small town.  All anyone can ever remember about Josey is what a difficult child she was, even though now she has completely changed to the point of being totally submissive of all her mother’s desires.  One day she comes home to find Della Lee hiding in her closet, the place where Josey hides her true desires: sweets, romance novels and travel magazines. 

Della Lee has decided she needs to help Josey fix her life.  Just like in Allen’s last novel there is a little bit of magic, whether it’s knowing when someone’s coming or books that follow you around.  There is a huge twist, which is delicately hinted at and the book manages to be both fun and dark without feeling disjointed. I really enjoyed reading it and hope that Sarah Addison Allen continues to write.