On Celtic tides : one man’s journey around Ireland by sea kayak

From Alicja Feitzinger
author: Duff, Chris
On Celtic tides : one man’s journey around Ireland by sea kayak
Chris Duff describes his solo circumnavigation of Ireland by sea kayak in the summer of 1996. Beginning and ending in Dublin, Duff paddled  1,200 miles over the course of three months. His descriptions of many dangerous crossings and beautiful but harsh and dangerous sea and not always hospitable shoreline are vivid and passionate. His daily hardships, rewards and encounters are interesting for anyone who likes to  spend time on the water and who is interested in Irish culture and history.

The Pretty One

From Taylor, teen book reviewer
author: Klam, Cheryl
The Pretty One
The Pretty One by Cheryl Klam is about a sixteen-year-old girl named Megan Fletcher.  Megan has always wanted to be like her older sister  Lucy. Lucy is a gorgeous starlet whom everyone worships, meanwhile Megan has been living in the shadows offstage, hoping that the spotlight  will never shine on her ugly, chubby face.  A twist of fate changes things completely.  After a freak accident, plastic surgeons must rebuild Megan?s face.  No one could have predicted that under the bandages was a Megan that was more beautiful than Lucy.

Now Megan is living her new life as the pretty one and she lands the lead in her secret crush’s (Drew Reynolds) play.  Now she is battling with not only Lucy, but with Lucy for a spot in Drew’s heart. I really enjoyed this book and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that loves a good novel, with some sibling rivalry.

Homer & Langley

From Rita Gross
author: Doctorow, E. L.
Homer & Langley
Homer & Langley is a fictionalized account of the lives of two reclusive brothers who lived and died in their brownstone home in NYC.  They  are found buried under tons of old newspapers in their booby trapped house. The societal changes taking place around them are told in Forrest Gump-like episodes which superficially touch their lives.

It Happened in Italy

From Charlene Muhr
author: Bettina, Elizabeth
It Happened in Italy
Elizabeth Bettina’s “It Happened in Italy” is an interesting narrative that emphasizes the acts of kindness and humanity amidst a time of great
sadness .Bettina discovers that Campagna, her grandparents small village in southern Italy, had an internment camp for Jews during the Holocaust.  These camps did not resemble the camps in Nazi Europe during World War II.  The book revealed how Italian camps kept families  together, healthy, and allowed Jews to practice Judaism.  Follow the author?s journey as she collects the stories of these survivors and their return to Italy.


From Rosemarie Jerome
author: Sturges, Matthew
Mauritaine was a war hero and a captain in the Seelie Army until he was accused of treason and sentenced to life in prison.  The Queen offered  him a chance for freedom but he must embark on a secret, suicidal mission.  He, and five other prisoners, become fugitives who can trust no  one when the enemy is everywhere. This action packed adventure is filled with battles both internal and external, magic, intrigue, a touch of  romance and engaging characters.  The second title in the series is The Office of Shadow.