Just Too Good To Be True

From Andrea Payne
author: Harris, E. Lynn
 Just Too Good To Be True
This was a novel about a young all star high school football player, Brady Bledsoe, whose mother has raised on her own while concealing her own past.  She’s convinced her son to take a vow of celibacy and drama unfolds as an unscrupulous sports agent enters the picture and does whatever it takes to get Brady to sign with him, even if Brady doesn’t realize that he is signing a contract.  Some parts are predicatable and others are juicy and surprising.  It was a nice easy, enjoyable read that was perfect for summer reading.

Seducing the Highlander

From Jody Bassuk
author: Wildes, Emma
Seducing the Highlander
This was a book of three Scottish Romances with the guys all being related–brothers and cousins.  The stories were good and showed the passage of time with all the characters.  The second story was a couple of years after the first story and still had references to the first set of characters.  It was entertaining and held my interest.