Clone Codes

From Monica Salo
author: McKissack, Patricia C.
Clone Codes
It is the year 2170 and Leanna is enrolled in the All-Virtual-School.  She is studying slavery by virtually being part of the escape to the north with Harriet Tubman.  Her life soon parallels the historical events that she is studying in school.  Her mother, a respected psychologist, is arrested for being part of the Liberty Bell Movement. It is a movement that is supporting the rights of clones who serve as slave labor.  Leanna, who always thought she was a “First”, an original biological being, finds out after her mother’s arrest that she is a clone. Asking for her mother’s friend for help, she soon learns of her importance to the movement that takes her on a fast paced adventure.  Its ties to civil rights and identity will be an added plus.

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