Clone Codes

From Monica Salo
author: McKissack, Patricia C.
Clone Codes
It is the year 2170 and Leanna is enrolled in the All-Virtual-School.  She is studying slavery by virtually being part of the escape to the north with Harriet Tubman.  Her life soon parallels the historical events that she is studying in school.  Her mother, a respected psychologist, is arrested for being part of the Liberty Bell Movement. It is a movement that is supporting the rights of clones who serve as slave labor.  Leanna, who always thought she was a “First”, an original biological being, finds out after her mother’s arrest that she is a clone. Asking for her mother’s friend for help, she soon learns of her importance to the movement that takes her on a fast paced adventure.  Its ties to civil rights and identity will be an added plus.

The Inheritance

From Chris Garland
The Inheritance
A tense drama from Danish director Per Fly, The Inheritance is the story of a man transformed by power. Christoffer, heir to a vast industrial fortune, has given up the stressful family business for a peaceful life with his actress wife in Stockholm. When his father commits suicide, Christoffer must return to Denmark and confront a situation he wants no part of. He finds the family steel business on the verge of collapse and his mother insisting he assume control. Thus begins Christoffer’s struggle to balance what he really wants in life with what he has to do. This conflict will bring him to the breaking point.

Secret Ingredients: The New Yorker Book of Food and Drink

From Ellen Druda
Secret Ingredients: The New Yorker Book of Food and Drink
A collection of short and long essays appearing in the New Yorker
magazine, some dating back as far as the 1920’s, all having to do with our
favorite subject – Food.  You can expect top authors to be present
when you are reading The New Yorker, and you will not be
disappointed:  Anthony Bourdain on dining out,  Calvin Trillin
on local delicacies, Nora Ephron on small plates, and some wonderful
fiction by John Cheever, Don DeLillo, Alice McDermot, and Roald Dahl, to
name a few.  Humor is represented by Ogden Nash, Dorothy Parker,
Woody Allen, Steven Martin, and S.J. Perelman.  The book is a buffet
of flavors; a great read any time of the year.