One Crazy Summer

From Monica Salo
author: Williams-Garcia, Rita                                         
One Crazy Summer
It is the summer of 1968; eleven year old Delphine and her two younger sisters are being sent across the country to Oakland, California to visit their mother.  Their mother deserted them after her younger sister was born and though she has had no contact with them over time, the girls’ father felt they should get to know her.  Upon arriving, they realize that their mother still has no interest in them and would not be taking them to the typical tourist sites.  She kicks them out each morning, sending them to a community center run by the Black Panthers, so that she can write her poetry in peace.  It is a time when Black Panther founder Huey Newton had been jailed and member Bobby Hutton was gunned down.  This heartwarming, poignant and at times funny story is told by Delphine who comes to understand her mother and as readers we come to understand the events occurring at that time and how it affects the three sisters.

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