From Donna Southard
author: Pink, David
This is an interesting business book related to the concept of employee motivation.  Pink explains that there is a third way that people are motivated (compared to Theory X and Theory Y)and he labeled it Theory I (intrinsic).  Pink believes that most people want to make a positive difference in the world rather than just obtain a paycheck. Pink states that there is a missing link between scientific studies on human motivation and what is being applied in the business world.   I learned about “for-benefit” companies where profits are not the main focus of operations.  Pink states that Theory I (intrinsic) should be implemented by managers to develop a higher level of employee input.  I liked the concept of 20% work days where an employee can use one day a week to work on whatever interests them.  This is a quick and interesting business book to read.  It did make me think about the concept of motivation and how the current strategies to motivate people are seemingly misdirected in today’s industries and schools.

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