The Christmas Box

From Charlene Muhr
author: Evans, Richard Paul
The Christmas Box
A few months ago, I went to a library conference and attended a lecture by Richard Paul Evans.  I was so moved by his talk that I purchased his book and had it autographed.  He wrote and self-published the Christmas Box in 1993, a Christmas story that he had written for his children.  The Christmas Box is a touching story of the real meaning of Christmas.  A couple, Richard and Keri, and their daughter, Jenna, are hired as caretakers for an elderly and ailing widow, Mary, who resides in a Victorian mansion.  It’s not long before Richard and his family become very fond of Mary.  As the holiday approaches, Mary is concerned about Richard’s obsession for success and his failure to recognize the emotional needs of his family.  One day, Richard discovers an ornate, heirloom box that contains love letters and is the key to a secret that Mary is holding close to her heart. This is guaranteed to be a tear jerker.

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