Burning Wire

From Andrea Kalinowski
author: Deaver, Jeffrey
Burning Wire
I recently finished “Burning wire,” the continuation of the Lincoln
Rhyme/Amelia Sachs storyline.  In this novel, Lincoln, more than ever,
brought to mind Sherlock Holmes and his method of detection.  Something in the way both men can extrapolate reams of information from the most
insignificant thing.  The electricity aspect was also dual-edged because
they described the electricity we need to run appliances, etc. but the
human body functions similarly to an electrical system. The nervous
system, being the supplier of electricity, in the generation of nerve
impulses. Another similarity, which just occurred to me, is the criminal
masterminds featured.  They are both evil geniuses but the master
detective always triumphs.  A thoroughly enjoyable read, suspenseful to
the end.

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