Glory invasion : walking under an open heaven

From Ginny Pisciotta
author: Herzog, David
Glory invasion : walking under an open heaven
Can quantum physics and string theory support faith and miracles?  Read this mind-boggling book.  It will amaze you, excite you, and leave you with more questions than you had before reading it. This book is a powerful combination of testimony, the Word, theory and science. The author shows us that the unseen things that God used and uses to create are His presence and sound waves. Every created thing has sound waves and responds to sound waves spoken with the glory and Spirit of God.  If you first get into the glory zone of His presence and then speak forth what He shows or tells you, creation will respond to your word.  Glory Invasion is full of amazing stories of miracles, and gives great insight into how and why they occur, and how we can accelerate miraculous harvests.

The mapping of love and death

From Michele Lauer-Bader
author: Winspear, Jacqueline
titl: The mapping of love and death
Maisie Dobbs, a nurse during World War I returns home to London after the war to start a detective agency. She is both psychologist and investigator. This series has all the elements of a good mystery in addition to educating the reader about the terrible times that soldiers endured during the ‘war to end all wars.’ In this story Maisie is hired to find out what happened to Michael Clifton, an American surveyor who served as a soldier under the British flag and went missing in action.

The Unfinished Angel

From Donna Barnes
author: Creech, Sharon
The Unfinished Angel
There is an angel living in a tiny Alpine village where life is quiet and good-until an American girl named Zola arrives with her father to open up an international school for children.  Our “angel”  feels untrained and without a mission until Zola arrives.  Unlike everyone else, Zola can see the angel, because she has dealt with angels before.   When Zola discovers some homeless children who need help, Zola and the angel help each other, and help the villagers become a closer community in the process.
“The Unfinished Angel” will make you giggle and wonder if maybe you have been exposed to angels in your life and if they did indeed help you and maybe you even helped them.

On the water : discovering America in a rowboat

From Alicja Feitzinger
author: Stone, Nathaniel
On the water : discovering America in a rowboat
Nathaniel Stone completed his 6,000-mile, 10 months-long adventure in 17-foot scull. He began his journey in Brooklyn, traveled up the Hudson, passed through the Erie Canal, portaged his craft to the Allegheny, and then headed on to the Ohio and down the Mississippi. At New Orleans, he took a break, got a larger boat, and continued rowing around Key West, along the coastline of the Atlantic to Maine.  The account of his journey is captivating.  His observations of places he visits and people he meets are interesting and insightful.
If you like to follow real life rowing or kayaking adventures, you might also enjoy reading Jake Stachovak’s blog who is traveling in his kayak along a similar route and visiting New York and Long Island in early June 2010.