Night runner

From Teen Book Reviewer
author: Turner, Max
Night runner
Zach Thomson, the main character, lives in the Nicholls Ward. This mental institution was the only place where he is properly looked after. Yet he is he only child in this facility. After his parents died he developed some very strange habits, unusual and severe allergies. He was cared for from many nurses, but the one that mostly understood him was Nurse Ophelia.  His strange allergies forced him to have this mix which Zach believes is strawberry smoothies. Yet even though he could watch television all he wants and just relax, he gets lonely sometimes being the only child at the ward. He actually likes the calm and stress less life without having to go to school. He never thought about leaving or running away until he has a dream about his father telling him to run. Amongst the cover night and the shadows with his only friend, Charlie, and a girl he loves, he does just that: run. Yet in the process of escaping he finds himself tangled in a stressful event learning something that changed his perspectives of everything. Soon he not only begins to run from his doom, but to race for the truth. He also fights his destiny and temptations of his decision of choosing either good or evil.
Max Turner is an excellent writer who describes all the characters and setting very detailed. His novel is full of surprising twists and turns that may give the reader great excitement and suspense. The Night Runner is an excellent book that deals with sci-fi and horror. I recommend this book for all who loves a creative and descriptive novel in the vampire and drama genre.

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