Before I Die

From Teen Book Reviewer
author: Downham, Jenny
Before I Die
Sixteen year old Tessa, a girl fighting terminal cancer, writes a list of ten things she wants to do before she dies. A list that includes drugs, fame, love; things that will make Tessa feel alive. Things that challenge herself and the people around her. With only a few more months left to live, Tessa is determined to experience all of life’s adventures. The novel accounts her mission to find absolute and ultimate happiness from her craziest moments to the most intimate ones. This is more than just a book about a dying girl with a list; it’s about what it’s like to have your life cut short, the effects it has on you and the people around you. The way that the world around you changes, the change in the way you perceive things, the memories you remember and what becomes important to you in your final days. As Tessa becomes too weak to worry about her list she writes letters to her loved ones with instructions to live their lives to the fullest. As the novel dra
ws to a close, Tessa gets increasingly closer to death and eventually accepts the ways of life.
This is a beautifully written novel that tugs at your heartstrings and that makes you think about your life and the way you choose to live it. At times humorous, but mostly heart wrenching, this is a story of love and life. Before I Die is a beautifully written story that is not only unique, but entertaining and relatable. I really enjoyed reading this extraordinary, life affirming novel and i recommend it to teens of all ages.

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