The Scientific American day in the life of your brain

From Lola Ferris
author: Horstman, Judith
The Scientific American day in the life of your brain

Did you know that your brain is on a 24 hour schedule, allowing you to
make decisions,get hungry, or be more likely to lose your temper at
certain times of the day? Your blood and seritonim levels change as the
daily cycle goes on.
Judith Horstman, a science journalist for Scientific American, gives
us a fascinating look at this important organ,giving us an idea of why
some people are crabby in the morning, experience stress at work and why,
at 9:PM we slowly start to unwind.
In lively, humorous prose she lets us into this secret world, telling
us why multitasking is dangerous for our health and how meditation may
delay aging.
I recommend this book for a novel look inside our brains from a point
of view we may never have explored.