The Sandman : the dream hunters

From Teen Book Reviewer
author: Gaiman,  Neil
The Sandman : the dream hunters
This is a graphic novel that deals with a love affair between a Buddhist priest and a fox spirit.  After making a bet with a raccoon dog, the fox spirit falls in love with the priest, to the point that she gets to stay in the temple with the priest.  While this is happening, in another palace, a rich man begins to fear for his life, yet does not know why.  After consulting a few people to help him understand his fear, he learns that the priest’s body will remain sleeping until it dies, while his mind will be stuck in dream world.  The fox overhears of this by way of demons, and as she goes to fix it, but gets stuck in her own dream.  In order to help the fox, the priest seeks information on how to visit the Dream Master.  He explores the realm of dreams with help from a raven, until he finds the Dream Master.  Once he finds him, the priest learns of the fox’s entrapment, he begs to converse with the fox, and once doing so, he switches places with the fox, allowing the fox to escape.  The fox awakens, and the monk dies a few days later.  The fox seeks revenge in the form of ruining the rich man’s life, which she succeeds in doing.  The story has a nice ending as the narrator states that it is noted that people have seen the fox and priest walking through fields in their own dreams.
            This book was really captivating.  It kept me interested until the very end.  Anybody looking for an interesting read is going to love this book.  The illustrations also kept me asking for more, as they added to the beauty of the book.  I hope that you will read it after reading this review, and enjoy it as much as I did!