Freestyle soccer tricks : tricks, flick-ups, catches

From Teen Book Reviewer
author: D’Arcy, Sean
Freestyle soccer tricks : tricks, flick-ups, catches
This is a very unique book. Sean D’Arcy is a professional soccer freestyler who travels the world doing demonstrations of his various soccer tricks. In this book, D’Acry progresses from teaching how to simply juggle to demonstrating both simple tricks for the beginner and more intricate tricks for a more advanced juggler. He shows step-by-step how to complete some of the soccer freestyle tricks that are done by the experts. I even got into it myself and learned a few moves. Among my favorites were “The Brazilian,” and “The Scoop.” I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in learning some cool moves with a soccer ball. The reader does not have to be a soccer player, because these are just freestyle tricks that the author outlines step-by- step that anyone can do. This book is both interesting and fun, and at the end you can show off your new moves to your friends!

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