Eat This Not That: A Restaurant Survival Guide. The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution

from Lola Ferris
author: Zinczenko, David
Eat This Not That: A Restaurant Survival Guide. The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution
Athough this book is supposedly a diet book, anyone who wants to eat
nutritionally will be amazed by the facts it contains about chain
restaurants and the nutrients in their food.
For instance, if you’re eating at Applebees, you can get a salad or steak
and grilled shrimp. You opt for the salad because it’s low-fat and
nutritious? Think again. The grilled shrimp and spinach salad has 1,040
calories whereas the steak and grilled shrimp is only 390.
Watching your salt?  The sodium content in almost all of the dishes
mentioned is out of sight. Quiznos has a prime rib and Peppercorn sub with
2,570 mg of sodium. Even the healthy dishes in most of these restaurants
generally contain over 1,000mg of salt.
“Eat This Not” is a compact, colorful look at the world of eating out
that may change your  choices.

4 thoughts on “Eat This Not That: A Restaurant Survival Guide. The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution

  1. I read Eat This, Not That: Supermarket Survival Guide also by David Zinczenko. I feel the same way about it. It is amazing what you can learn. For instance, this one has a food additive guide in the back. Based on what I learned I readall of the labels at the supermarket today. Every little bit helps

  2. Now I finished David Zinczenko’s Eat This, Not That For Kids. I absolutely love these books. The best thing is that I have gotten my five and six year olds to at least try to make some healthier choices. As a matter of fact, my six year old requested chicken soup for dessert two nights in a row because he saw that it was on the “Eat This” side. Who would have guessed it:)

  3. I just read the restaurant survival guide as well. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to read it because we rarely eat out, but it was still worth reading. At least now I know that if we are going to eat it, I will try to choose one of the healthier eateries, loke Red Lobster, rather than one of the unhealthiest, TGIFridays. I love these books!

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