Flow : the cultural story of menstruation

From: Rosalia Millan
author: Stein, Elissa
Flow : the cultural story of menstruation

This book was such a brilliant idea, and the authors did a great job.  Flow tells the cultural history of the period and how women’s status and health care have changed over time. It’s written in a friendly, personable style to try and make a topic that makes many people uncomfortable a little bit friendlier. The book isn’t couched in a bunch of scientific jargon that most of us will never understand; everything is in language that is respectful and completely understandable.

There are lots of fun facts and a wonderful collection of advertising for feminine care products from the late 1800s to today. However it is absolutely terrifying to see how woman’s bodies have been mistreated over the years due to lack of scientific study and information.  While there is a lot of good explanation in this book regarding fertility and how a woman’s cycle really works, the most important thing I think anyone can take away from this book is to make sure that you are well informed about exactly what it is you are doing to your body when you make decisions regarding periods and fertility.

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