Castle Waiting

From Rosalia Milan:

Castle Waiting, by Linda Medley
This is one of my favorite graphic novels and one of the first ones I ever read. While reading through Castle Waiting the reader will find bits and pieces of many other fairy tales including Sleeping Beauty, Puss in Boots, and various mythologies. However Castle Waiting picks up where the stories end. We find that Sleeping Beauty’s Castle has become a sanctuary for people who need a place to go whether it’s to begin a new life, or end life in peace. The main focus of this book is Lady Jain, a woman looking for sanctuary from her husband to give birth to a new baby boy and Sister Peace a member of the order of the Solicitine nuns, a group of women with beards who try to give people what they need rather then what they think they want. The characters are engaging and the story is interesting and funny. The illustrations are beautiful line drawings that capture the tone of the story wonderfully.

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