Golden Reads reviews

From Elaine Pasquali:

Beachcomber, by Karen Robards

This book was packed with suspense and sexual tension and a cat named Marvin provided some delightful comic relief.  The north eastern beach setting made it easy to visualize surroundings.  An unexpected twist at the end took me completly by surprise. 

Hard Eight, by Janet Evanovich

I love this author.  Her character development is full enough to be able to get a real “feel” for Stephanie Plum, her family and friends.  As a bounty hunter, Stephanie is an accident waiting to happen.  Each character is quirky in a funny way.  The scrapes Stephanie gets into are unimaginable to  a rationale mind, but Stephanie operates on instinct rather than rationality.  The book is laugh-out-loud funny and I am continuously laughing out loud.  Give it a try if you’re looking for light hearted reading.